CrossFit Sudbury – 10052016

Hey Friends!

Another beauty day in the books!  Some back squat PR’s went DOWN today!  I didn’t realize some folks have been basing their percentages off of what they WANT their PR to be (within reason).  If you can make the lifts on the way it isn’t a bad way to do things, though it wasn’t how the program was written (so don’t feel bad if you didn’t do it this way).

We’re going to see some subtle changes over the next week to month.

  • Wednesday night Yin/Restorative yoga begins!  So for those attending the 7pm class on Wednesday, let’s make an effort to be finished cooling down by 8pm, and move things into the front waiting, if need be.  We don’t want to make Lisa (and her Yogi’s) late.
  • Coach-led warm ups!  We did this WAY back when we started, but only really because everyone was new and no one knew how to warm up.  We should have brought this into existence sooner, but it’ll begin next Monday.  So you can expect no warm up written on the whiteboard, and for the class leader (coach) to assemble everyone at 5 after the hour (leaving folks time to do the pre-warm up of a row/run/airdyne, arm circles, leg swings, dislocates, and maybe something specific to your needs).  The warm ups will be specific to the movements we’re doing that day, and will “warm you up” for the lifts.  Then the coach will go over the strength/skill and points of performance.  Good times!
  • Longer weekend hours on Sunday!  Beginning June 5th, Sunday hours will be extended from 9am-12Noon (instead of 10am-12noon).  This will be for a trial period of a month or two, and if attendance is poor, we’ll return it to the way it is and revisit extended hours at a future time.
  • Thanks for the feedback!