CrossFit Sudbury – 04052016

Hey Friends!

There were some Jerk PRs and PR ties today, which is good news as today wasn’t even meant to be a PR day 🙂  Sounds like people hd some sore glutes, which I’m sure the pistols helped “loosen up”.

Yin Yoga!  Making you better.  6 week yoga series – Wednesday’s at 8pm (starting on May 11th). It will be a blend of yin and restorative yoga. Yin yoga is a series of long held poses that allows us to get into the connective tissues opposed to more active styles of yoga which uses muscle energy. We’ll incorporate some restorative yoga poses as well just to help us wind down into complete relaxation. So sign up, spaces are limited! $50+tax.  let your coach know if you’re interested and we’ll get you signed up!

Tomorrow/Today we have some Snatch triples.  They’re meant to be triples, not three singles.  So they should be touch and go.  While we want you guys to get better at weightlifting (as a sport, meaning single lifts), we also want you getting better at weightlifting for CrossFit.  And doing triples at a challenging weight will help!  Hook grip will be crucial.  If you haven’t been using it, make sure you start with all your warm up sets and if you can continue, do so, if not go back to what you normally do (but know that you should be using the hook grip, as it’s safer and more efficient).

We’re also going to tax your grip again with some KB swings and toes to bar, and your hip extension with box jumps.  Remember to respect the box after you’ve completed all your kettlebell swings, as the box will be “higher”.  Save the shins!