CrossFit Sudbury – Training – 22042015

Hey Folks!

Awesome work today – Looks like you guys are still getting used to Power Snatches instead of Full Snatches.  The reason we’re doing Power is because we’re concentrating on making you guys explosive and more aggressive with your hips.  You guys are nice and strong, now we want to add some speed to that strength.

Also, remember you can log your workout results on the computer you sign in on!  If you’ve been keeping track, when we repeat WODs or lifts, you can see where you were and where you’re going.  Do it.  I know the WOD tracking isn’t mind blasting at this moment, but it’s only going to get better.  Zen planner is planning on unveiling even more stuff around the time of the games.  It’s a little ways away, but then you’ll have all that data already in there.


Shoulder warm up
2 Rounds:
10 Reverse Dislocates + 10 weighted
10 inch worms + 10 push up plus
1-2 Minutes squat therapy with emphasis on ankle dorsiflexion


Bench Press + Sit ups EMOM
Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes:
12 Bench Press @50-55% + 10 KB swings

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks (#135)


Stretch – Quads/Psoas, Calves, Pecs
Foam Roll – Calves, Hamstrings, T-spine
See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team