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CrossFit Open “Intramurals” Details!

The 2014 CrossFit Open is fast approaching! This will be the gym’s 3rd year participating – And we’re hoping to make it our best year yet!

This year, we’ve borrowed a fun little idea from our friends over at Catalyst in the Sault!

We’re going to host an intramural competition for those participating in the Open. We want to continue to build community within the gym and what better way than a little in-house competition amongst each other. A bit of friendly competition will help push us to work hard during our open workouts, but with the motivation and support of your fellow teammates. We’re all still competing for CrossFit Sudbury in the Open, no worries about that, but we’ll just divide ourselves up for the sake of some competition WITHIN our gym 🙂

So for anyone who has reservations about signing up for the open, you don’t need to be an all-star to do it…you just do what you can with the workouts and try your best! You never know what can come up and who knows, maybe one of the workouts will be something in your wheelhouse…like 7 minutes of max burpees (if you like that kind of torture).  So if you want to sign up for the open, to try it out and gain some competition experience, by all means do it…then we’ll put you on one of the intramural teams and then your team will have a chance at winning some nice prizes! Who doesn’t like free stuff!?

We want this to be fun for everyone! So if you have any questions or concerns ask one of the coaches…if you’re feeling adventurous and brave after reading this then head on over to games.crossfit.com to sign up!

The Deets so far:

6 or 7 intramural teams (teams of 5 or 6, depending on final Open roster): Teams will have a captain and a team name and then rest of the team members will be chosen by evenly dividing the Open team roster (fairly).

The Open Workouts: 

Starting February 27th, 1 Open workout will be released per week for 5 weeks. The workouts will be released at 8pm EST on Thursdays and we have until Monday at 8pm EST to have our scores submitted online at games.crossfit.com. We will have our bonus workout/challenge thrown into the mix some time during the Open, so keep your eyes peeled for those details. Our workouts will take place on Saturdays during open gym times, but if for whatever reason you can’t make a Saturday, then work it out so you can have your workout judged by one of the coaches during another time. Make sure your team knows as well.


We will have some weekly prizes for the top team as well as an overall prize for the winning team. We want everyone to have fun with this, but want to push you to work hard with a little bonus incentive. So work hard, have fun, high five your friends and win some prizes!


  • +1 Point: Attendance:  Every team member that completes the open workout and submits their score to games.crossfit.com will earn 1 point.
  • +1 Point: Top 3: Every male and female member who places among the top 3 for each workout will earn 1 point.
  • +2 Points: Weekly Challenge: If each team member completes the weekly challenge posted to the whiteboard then the team will earn 2 points.
  • +5 Points: Team Spirit: The team with the best team spirit and presence each week will earn 5 points.
  • +5 Points: Bonus Workout/Challenge: The winning team of this workout/challenge will earn 5 points

So let’s get our fitness on and have some fun together! Remember, at the end of the day we’re here to workout and better ourselves mentally and physically, but it will also be fun to see how we stack up on the leaderboard against everyone else in the world! So sign up for the open and if you have any questions or concerns at all, ask one of the coaches.

Once the teams are put together, you can talk, message, email, Facebook, tweet, instagram, call, leave messages at the gym etc. for your teammates to help plan things like: team colours (for spirit), a team chant, competition times and so on, so you’re all on the same page! The teams will be posted in the gym as soon as we know everyone is signed up!

See you in the gym!
Coach Lisa