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CrossFitter of the Month – October 2013

Hey Folks!

This month we acknowledge someone who you’d expect to win every month.  This person adds so much to our gym atmosphere that it makes me sad to think about the gym without them.  They’re constantly making people laugh, making people push a little harder, and keeping people honest about reaching and working toward their goals.  As always, the other coaches and I are proud to announce this months CrossFitter of the Month…


Ali!  Thanks so much for all that you bring to the gym (including Luke).  You always bring a smile to everyones face and light up the gym with your presence!

Name: Alison Young

Age: 24

Occupation:  Recreational Therapy/OTA at Pioneer Manor

What was your exercise experience prior to crossfit?

My exercise experience prior to crossfit was average; I was an average athlete in high school, never the best, never the worst – always willing to learn and always determined to excel in some way. I grew up on Manitoulin Island, where it was hard to excel as an athlete, the high school didn’t offer as many sports as city schools do, we never had much guidance into fitness or working out and it was too expensive to play off the island for my family.  I played high school badminton, field events such as javelin & shot put and hockey. Luke also got me into snowboarding, which when we were able to drive, we would go and do that recreationally. I worked hard for what I had, never had anything handed to me, when I wanted something, I went and got it.

I wanted to better myself as a person and an athlete so I went for it. I left home and went to Kitchener to Conestoga College. I played one year of varsity college badminton and four years of college hockey. It was hard, being seven hours away from home, being a varsity athlete, working so I could afford to live and go to school and trying to keep myself strong mentally and physically. It was when I was away at school when I became truly passionate about fitness. As someone who struggled being overweight all her life, I decided to do something about it. Through my school and canfit pro I became a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor; I worked out at my college gym and worked at the YMCA in Kitchener and Waterloo.  I had helped myself lose 55 pounds and I started to inspire others, I ran a biggest loser camp, taught bootcamp, body and core and did personal training. I loved what I did but as school became more stressful and a death in my family occurred my weight started to come back. It has been a battle my whole life, I lose weight; I gain weight – back and forth.  I was always focused on my weight; I went to the gym miserable, didn’t really want to be there but knew I had to work out. I finally realize I needed something that was competitive and that made me feel like I was part of something. That’s when I moved to Sudbury after I finished school and started crossfit.

How long have you been doing crossfit and why do you choose to crossfit?

I have been doing crossfit for ten months. I choose to crossfit because it’s not easy; every day is a different challenge and nothing rewarding in life comes easy. I crossfit because it clears my mind of everything else, it’s my outlet; for a small margin of time I am focused on helping myself survive through a physical and mental struggle. I crossfit because one of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago I couldn’t do what I just did.  I crossfit because the people I see when I walk in those doors are not just people who crossfit, but they are friends who drive me through a workout, who push me past my limits and who challenge me to be a better crossfitter. We all share this experience that is intense and incredible all at the same time, and I don’t think you can get that anywhere else.

I choose to crossfit because I have finally found something that is the absolute best way to reach my fitness goals.  I have become happy with being strong and fit and not focused on the number on the scale and being skinny.  Crossfit saved my life, I moved to Sudbury in January, away from what was familiar and routine. Crossfit is now a huge part of my life, five days a week at six p.m. is now my favourite time of the day.

What is your favorite part about crossfit?

My favourite part about crossfit is that you have a group of friends who all believe in the same thing you do.  For that margin of time you spend at crossfit, you know that the people you are with are passionate about crossfit, being healthly and being a better person and you can’t buy that anywhere else.

The team atmosphere is just amazing, the laughs and the encouragement is just incredible.

What are the accomplishments you are proud of? (Crossfit or non crossfit related)

The accomplishment I am most proud of Crossfit related is my determination to get something. When I first started crossfit, I was not good. I was not a natural athlete and there were times I wanted to quit, because I felt like I couldn’t get anything. Eventually I said I am going to get double unders – I got them. I said I was going to get pulls ups -I got them. I said I was going to be part of the 200 pound deadlift club – I got it. I said I was going to do a pistol – I did it. It wasn’t easy, but I practiced and worked hard and finally I reached each goal.

My accomplishment that I am most proud of in my personal life is that I have been very successful on my own. I never came from a wealthy family, so everything I have; I have worked very hard for.  I am proud that I put myself through school, graduated and found a job in my field.  I am proud that when I moved away from home I continued to play hockey, and be active while keeping high grades and working. I am proud that I have overcome a lot of hardships and become a better person because of them and I am proud that I continue to push myself to success.


Favorite workout or lift?

My favourite lift is the push press & jerk.

My favourite workout is anything that has: double unders, handstand push ups, pull-ups, thrusters, toes to bar and snatches. Reason being is because I worked hard to be able to do just one of these so when they are in a workout it is rewarding because you know how hard you worked to accomplish these movements, so your excited to do them.

Anything  else you would like to share please feel free J       

My mom and step dad John have been a huge part of my success. My mom is one of the hardest working women I know, and thanks to her I have been able to stay on the path to a successful life.  I asked my mom in December 2012 if she could get me a two month membership to Crossfit Sudbury for Christmas, she did and thanks to her in January 2013 I found the love for Crossfit.  My step dad John has been this amazing support system, what I ever I do he is always behind me 100%. He always told me I was going to do great things and that my future is so bright – he has always been my #1 fan.

I still have a lot of learning and growing to do as a crossfitter. I need to improve my eating habits to improve my performance and I need to work on my lifting technique. I would also like to do more competitions once I feel like I have reached some more crossfit milestones.

Thank you to ALL the coaches…

Adam – Thank you for putting up with me never signing up for the class times. Thank you for welcoming me to Crossfit Sudbury, you really brought a great thing to this community.

Eric – You give the best pointers. It can be the smallest things like “hips” while coaching me and it makes a huge difference. You have coached me through a lot of PR’s and crossfit milestones, thank you.

Caz – Thank you for always pushing me through a wod, when I want to stop, you’re always there telling me to keep going. Thank you for waiting on me countless times to get ready for a wod to – haha.

Lisa – You are so supportive, in so many ways as a coach. Whether I am talking to you 1-1 or you’re coaching me through a wod you always know exactly what to say.

Kristen – Thank you for being there at 6am, when I am not and most of all thank you for keeping Adam in line.

Lucas – You always go out of your way to help, you take the time to approach crossfit members and offer your advice and I always appreciate your help.

Lastly, I want to thank my crossfit mom Sabrina Cimino. When I first started crossfit, she was the first person I met and someone who made me feel really welcome, thank you Sabrina for all your words of wisdom and support.


Thank you Ali!  Keep up the great (and hard) work and you’ll be celebrating achieved goals and PR’s for some time to come 🙂

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