CrossFitter of the Month – October 2016

Hey Friends!

It’s that time (it’s actually past that time, but better late than never) to recognize another of our awesome members.  If you’ve been in in the afternoon/weekends/at social outings, you’ve likely chatted with, high-fived, or tried to keep up with this person while doing burpees or other bodyweight movements.  Always good for a laugh and a whole lot of effort, this person has been consistent and the efforts are showing now and will continue to in the future.  This October we’re excited to announce our CrossFitter of the month as…


Doug!  Here are his answers to our questions:

Name: Doug Harris

Age: 53

Occupation: Mining Engineer

What was your exercise experience prior to CrossFit?

I started playing hockey at age 40. Before that I didn’t have any exercise routine. I still play hockey today, and thanks to crossfit, I do not feel anywhere out of breath since I started to exercise on a regular basis. And like many people I attended Good Life Gym over the years, but with no real routine and no goals, I never worked out hard or made any physical impovements


How long have you been doing CrossFit and why do you choose to CrossFit?

I just completed one year last month. I still recall going to see Adam of Kristen for chiro or physio and hear the weights slam down and the loud music emitting from the back rooms, but it was my wife Lori who signed us up for an intro session with Lisa. After only one session with Lisa I could see just how much fun exercise could be and what the crossfit offered that I definitely didn’t do at Good Life.

What is your favorite part about CrossFit?

The cross fit members. I consider everyone there a great bunch of friends all with the same attitude and goals, to be successful and encourage each other to be successful in the exercise routine of the day. I enjoy hearing other members push me on, and the high five after the workout.

It is way too easy to stop in the exercise and take a breather, but that extra encouragement from others pushes me to keep going. Don’t stop.


What are the accomplishments you are proud of? (Crossfit or non-CrossFit related)

I will stick with Crossfit for this one. When I went through the first 3-4 months of crossfit, I would get tired during the workout and not push myself past my old comfort level. Since that time I know I can push myself to a new comfort level. I am 53 and I know I am in the better shape than any time over the last 10 years, and that comes right from time at the gym.

Favorite workout or lift?

My favorite workout involves squats or burpees

Anything else you would like to share please feel free

I enjoy getting to the gym and have the exercise routine all set up. It really lets you take your mind off anything that happened in the day and just think about the workout.