CrossFit Sudbury – 15062016

Hey Friends!

halfway through the month!  WHAT?  crazy talk eh?  it looks like the weather is going to start consistently being pretty sexy, so let’s make an effort to get outside, jump in a lake, play some horseshoes (or whatever floats your boat) and soak up some sun!

Full disclosure, I’m a chiro and I’m posting a video suggesting people see one.  But honestly, if you have never seen a chiro, or physio, or massage therapist (I imagine osteo’s would fit in here too, though don’t have personal experience with them), and are then surprised when you can’t touch your toes, or sit into a full squat, or you experience pain when challenging your body, that’s about the same as not brushing or flossing or ever seeing a dentist, and then being surprised when they tell you your teeth are a mess.

Cool, off the soap box 🙂