Friday, April 11th, 2014

Hey Folks!

Killer work today – OH squats, you’re so awesome.

So what do people think of doing a Ladies night once or twice a month as well as a bro-sesh once or twice a month?  It’d likely be on a thursday night in the evening.  Ladies/Dudes only and for airing it all out to our fellow ladies/brethren.  Talk about Channing Tatum/Scarlet Johannsen and how much you dislike pullups/pistols and crush some mean squats/squats.  Think about it and let us know… then keep an eye out… it’s going to be legendary.

Warm up

2 Rounds – 10 toe touches, 10 band pull aparts, 10 walking lunges, 10 push ups


Press 6×1 *Find your new 1RM

Pull ups 2×5

3 Rounds for time:
10 Kettlebell swings
20 Reverse Sit ups


1.  “Diane”
Dead Lift, 225/155

Rest 3-4 hours.

2.  “Squatting Elizabeth”
Squat Cleans, 135/95
Ring Dips


Deadlift 5×5 70%

3 Rounds for time:
10 Front Squats 155/105
20 Toes to Bar

Foam Roll – T-spine, Quads, Calves
LaX Ball – Rotator Cuff

See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team