Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Hey Folks!

Here’ Sundays stuff!  No yoga tomorrow as Lisa is judging a skating competition – sorry about that!

Caution – the following video has some swears in it:


Rest/Recovery/Missed Wod


1. Metcon
30 Snatches for time, 155/105 – power or squat allowed.
EMOM complete 30 Double unders2.  Snatch Complex
5 sets of: 4-Position Snatch
Position 1:  High Hang (pockets) – should mimic the bottom of the dip on a push press.  Vertical torso, bar at hips, weight in mid-foot.
Position 2:  Mid Thigh – chest over the bar, bar close to thighs, weight in mid-foot.
Position 3:  Low Hang (below knees) – looking for vertical shins and chest as high as possible.
Position 4:  Full Snatch (from the floor) – looking to hit all the position throughout the lift.  
This is not suppose to be a heavy set.  Go lighter and drill in the positions.
Every rep is done as a squat snatch.
The idea is to dial in the first position.
Then dial in the second position and pass through position 1.
Then dial in position position 3 and pass through 2 and 1.
Then do a full snatch passing through every position.

3.  Midline
5×10 GHD Bench Press
These are not for load. Use and empty bar.  Don’t let the bar drift toward your waist as you press. Keep it in line with your shoulders.  Slower is better.


Snatch 3POS x 5

OHS 3×5 @65% snatch

5 Pull-ups
5 Front Squats 95/65
5 Push Press 95/65
*Nov 24/13

See you in the gym!