Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Hey Folks!

Happy Canada Day!  I hope you all enjoyed the weekend – Kristin and I completed the CrossFit Kids Certification!  It was a great time and we learned a lot.  VERY glad I didn’t attempt to run a kids program of any sort without this training, I think the only other thing that could prepare someone to interact well with kids is being a teacher.  You guys/gals are saints!

We start a new cycle today!  This one is going to be a little different, and a bit more methodical – You should enjoy it though!  It’ll run very similar still to what we’ve been doing.

James is going to do a running clinic for us that you won’t want to miss!  Final details on time and structure will be up soon!  Faster, easier, injury-free running is in your future if you make it out!

Warm up

2 Rounds – 10 dislocates, 10 squats, 10 band pulls, 10 spiderman lunges

1. Work up to a heavy single ~10 minutes
2. 1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang squat snatch @ 80%

10 Minute AMRAP:
5 Chest-to-bar pull ups (or pull ups, if chest to bar is too far)
10 hand-release push ups
15 jumping squats

Stretch – Hamstrings, Glutes
LaX ball – Pecs

See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team