Friday, May 10th, 2013

Hey Folks!

Beauty Snatching today.  The WOD was definitely a quick one, which is good news (I like short WODs).

No crazy news to report.  The next OnRamp starts on Monday – if you’ve got friends or family interested in joining up, Monday is the time to do it.  The next OnRamp isn’t until the 27th of May!

If you’re having issues with the online scheduler, let me know – I’m still sorting out payments and setting them up (if you need my help – let me know).  If you’re an existing member with a discount (chiro patients, couples, EMS workers) let me know as we’ll set something up specifically for you.

We’re going to have modified hours during the long weekend – Just a heads up.  I need to chat with the other coaches to find out who’ll be in town and wanting to run the gym.  Expect a closed day and open gym on the other days.

Warm up

2 Rounds – 10 toe touches, 5 Good mornings, 10 band pull aparts, 10 second Superman x3

Deadlift – Find your new 1 rep max!

“Jackie” – For time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45#/33#)
30 pull ups

Foam roll – Glutes, Quads
Stretch – Shoulders, Quads/Psoas

See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team