CrossFit Sudbury loves guests!

Our facility isn’t “spin class”, “body pump”, or some other low skill, low instruction “extreme mega training”.   We believe that training is a valuable skill that takes time and coaching to develop.  That being said, improving skill levels, fitness levels and work capacity isn’t reserved for athletes, it’s for everyone.

SO, that being said, if you’re from a CrossFit gym from out of town, or are very familiar with the movements and methodology we use, and you’re home to visit family or passing through and want to come in to hit a WOD with us, come on in during any of our CrossFit Class or Open Gym hours!  Our drop in fee is $20/visit (or you can buy a t-shirt for $25).  If you plan on coming in more than that – Have a look at our 10 pass, or speak with one of our coaches about pricing.

If you’re from another gym (that isn’t a CrossFit affiliate) and want to come check it out while you’re in town, let us know.  Depending on your experience and skill level, it may not be appropriate – The only way to find out is to speak with one of our coaches.  Our drop in fee is $20.  Still peanuts compared to many places and worth every penny.

Get in touch 🙂

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