​Looking to get started?  Check out our process below!

We like to start people off a certain way at our facility, as we care about your longevity and health, as well as your performance.  This means making sure we're a good fit for you and vice versa, as well as doing a thorough assessment to see the best way to continue to move forward.  Then, as your fitness progresses, and you encounter new movements and skills, you'll meet with your coach to go over them to set you up for success.  Eventually, you'll be on our monthly membership, which includes a check-in with your coach on a quarterly basis, to help with goal setting, addressing weaknesses, or suggesting where to devote your focus and energy to continue to progress.

  • Step 1: Meet
  • Step 2: Assess
  • Step 3: Learn
  • Step 3: Evolve

Complimentary Consult


  • Meet with one of our coaches to go over your goals, and what you’re looking for in a gym & coaching relationship
  • See the facility and go over what will happen next, should you choose to continue
  • Plan to budget 20-40 Minutes for this

Frequently asked Questions...

Can I start right away with the Assessment?

Absolutely!  The consult can happen concurrently while we meet for your first Assessment Session.  We just wanted to be able to offer a no pressure situation for folks who want to come check the place out and meet us, without committing right away - But we also love people who know what they want!

Why is the Fundamentals price "Varied"?

"Fundamentals" will combine classes and one on one training to help folks progress safely and efficiently, while also getting them accustomed to, and part of the community in our classes. As you can imagine, no two people are born the same or have had the same athletic background, injuries, mobility limitations, etc. So the Fundamentals aspect of our memberships needs to be flexible to accommodate everyones needs.

I've done CrossFit elsewhere - how do I start?

We'd still like to meet with you to go over your experiences, your goals, what you've learned, and to go over basic competency in the movements.  We need to get to know you to help train you best.  You may find doing some personal training sessions will boost your learning curve as well!