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CrossFit Sudbury – 16022018 – Chalk up & Hook grip

Hey Folks!

Friday Tomorrow! Yay 🙂

Beauty week of training and some epic PRs and fun times all around!  Loving the awesome vibes in the gym lately!  Keep it up guys – make sure you’re filling in your accomplishments on the achievement board! (Katie – is your Squat on there?)

Coaches Notes:

Posterior Chain speed work!  That low back better be tight on the deadlifts – Speed doesn’t mean yanking the bar off the ground, so please don’t do that.  On the WOD – it should be a Sprint more or less.  Your grip will likely get smoked – so chalk up, and use your hook grip!


Deadlift for load:
5×2 @70% (aim for speed)
Goal – post. chain speed development.

Conditioning – “Chalk up & Hook Grip”

For Time
Power cleans @ 115/75
pull up
Goal – sprint!

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Life at CrossFit Sudbury last week! #crossfitsudbury #reallifehealth #ssof #rxforagreatlife #community #crossfitfamily
9am class working some pulling strength #sudburyschooloffitness #cfsuds #crossfit #pullups #muscleups
Yes it's more than the usual "10 Minutes" we suggest right after the WOD - but stretching for 20 minutes is usually an agreeable amount of time - and it's enough time to focus on your tight spots and make real change.  You should find over time that when you go to sit into a squat (or move into whichever range of motion is normally tight for you) with no warm up that it isn't difficult, AND it feels great.  #sudburyschooloffitness #reallifehealth #CFSuds #mobility #stretch #getsuppleforlife #notjustafewminutesbeforetheWOD
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Another great week! #reallifehealth #crossfitsudbury #rxforagreatlife #community #sudbury #ssof
This months Coaches Cafe Feb 22 @ 7 pm guest speaker is Celeste Bouffard fellow Physiotherapist and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. She is going to talk about the Athletes Pelvic Floor. This may be the missing link you are looking for but were too shy to ask ☺️ #crossfitsudbury #ssof #reallifehealth #pelvicfloor #dontpeeR #nomoredoubleundies
Nice bum!  OK, maybe not that one.  But giving out compliments, when sincere is an easy way to boost YOUR mood.  We often think of it as something we're doing for someone else (which it also is), but ultimately, we do it because it makes US feel good. "Man, I'm such a nice guy for noticing Blah Blah's new haircut". Even if you don't think that consciously, it's happening - but that doesn't make it any less nice.  Because that person with the great butt, or nice haircut probably smiled, and paid it forward somehow later that day ;) #sudburyschooloffitness #cfsuds #reallifehealth #complimentsforyou #complimentsforme #makesomeonesmile #getallwarmandgooeyontheinside #greatbutt #thecorrectresponseisthankyounotIknow
You can be the nail, or you can be the hammer.  Miss laX 
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Be The Hammer.
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