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CrossFit Sudbury – 14122017 – Which way is North?

Hey Folks!

Great work today – the legs might be feeling it tomorrow!  Glad I didn’t make it 20-30-40, though maybe we’ll consider that one for the future.

Some more symmetry work as part of a good little lung burner.  Make sure you aren’t bending over or laterally flexing in a weird way with the single arm clean & push presses.  If you do it right, it’ll help make you strong and resilient to injury – if you do it wrong, you will likely have a sore back and shoulder.  Just sayin.

I picked up some Cold Brew from Infinit (a Canadian Supplement company) – mostly because I wanted some, but I thought I’d pick up some samples too, in case others wanted to try it.  It’s pretty tasty!  Not sweet like some of the “iced coffee’s” you can get at TImmies or wherever, which is nice.  It does have a significant amount of caffeine in it (110mg), so be mindful of that (i.e. having some in the evening might not be a great idea).  Let me know if you’re interested in picking some up and I’ll order it for you!

Coaches Notes:

Core & Symmetry work – No they can’t be DB snatches. No you can’t alternate sides. Yes you can use a different weight of dumbbell, or use a KB if you want.

Conditioning – “Which way is North?”

12 Minute AMRAP:
30 Double Unders
10 Left-arm Dumbbell Clean and push press (50/35)
10 Right-arm Dumbbell Clean and push press (50/35)

Core work:

Tabata of each:
Half Turkish Get up Right Side*
Half Turkish Get up Left side*
***Alternate left and right-sided 1/2 TGU’s and THEN do the TTB.
Toes to bar

*just up to support on hand & hips, i.e. still seated. Use a slightly lower weight than usual so that your foot doesn’t pop off the floor, and you can get some decent rep volume in.
Record total reps (make a note of load used)

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Last week was a lot of fun especially with the Crossfit Sudbury Christmas Party. Check out some highlights! #cfsuds #sudburyschooloffitness #crossfit #rxforagreatlife #sudbury #fitness #community
Check it out - for those times you want to enjoy some cold brew, but you also want some high quality protein check out some #infinitcoldbrew only 9 samples available! #sudburyschooloffitness #cfsuds #coffee #protein
Check out these #LEGENDs #consistencyiskey #5yearsatCFSuds #missingthreepeople @erski_p @kristenpich and Andre
As a society, we constantly live our lives, "full". We even have a name for when it's been "too long" since we've eaten - "hangry". WTF happened to us?  My grandmother used to share a potato with her 10 siblings as their food for the day, during the depression.  We're spoiled, and between availability (fast food, on the go snacks, instant shakes, etc.) and accessibility (credit cards, overdraft on debit cards, etc.) - we no longer HAVE to feel hunger.  So let's choose it.  When you eat, stop early.  Eat the best parts of your meal and then stop.  Make less than you normally would.  Use a smaller plate.  Eat less frequently.  Skip dinner, or breakfast.  And don't just FEEL your hunger.  Be OK with it.  You have enough calories in you to last WEEKS or even MONTHS.  You'll make it a few extra hours. 
#sudburyschooloffitness #cfsuds #reallifehealth #challengeoftheweek #routineistheenemy #GEThungry #STAYhungry #SMASHsomeweightstoo
12 days of Christmas WOD is going down! #sudburyschooloffitness #cfsuds #waithowdoestherepschemego #allthereps #heavythrusters #cfsudsxmas
No snow storm was going to stop this group from getting in their workout this morning @crossfitsudbury #vitality #consistencyiskey #crossfitsudbury #ssof
Improve your CO2 tolerance. Breathe LESS. Ever feel like you CAN'T get enough air in? Feel like you're breathing fine, but still out of breath? Suffer from Asthma, or constantly find yourself sighing/taking in a deep breath to "catch up"? You would probably benefit from improving your CO2 tolerance through some controlled, limited breathing. 
Get into a relaxed position, and breathe through your nose only, slightly less than you want. This can be done through a pause on each end of the breath (box breathing) or by extending the time spent breathing out and pausing after the out (this 5sec in, 7-10sec out, 3-5sec pause). #sudburyschooloffitness #cfsuds #reallifehealth #breathe #co2tolerance #accidentallycrushWODs #airshouldbeoneofthefoodgroups
Some more fun times over the last two weeks. Check out the video to see what went down. #cfsuds #sudburyschooloffitness #crossfit #rxforagreatlife #sudbury #fitness #community
Thanks to @bosssudbury for coming out to our LuLulemon popup at @crossfitsudbury today!