What is CrossFit?

It’s the most fun and efficient use of gym time that will guarantee results – so long as you’re willing to put in the small time commitment and large effort commitment!

CrossFit likes to define itself as,

“constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity”

Let’s sort out what this means for you:

Constantly Varied – meaning you don’t go do the same boring routine at the gym each day.  It is something different almost every time – to continuously challenge you and to pique your interest.  Baseline, benchmark workouts and the major lifts are used to measure your progress (and there really aren’t many better ways to do this!)

Functional Movements – These are movements you would actually perform in real life.  Getting up out of a chair is a squat.  Picking up your suitcase is the deadlift.  Putting things away on the top rack in the garage is the press.  You get the picture.  How many reps of the hamstring curl can you do?  I don’t care because you will never lay on a bench, lock your ankles into something and attempt to move it with only your hamstring… this is how overuse and imbalance injuries happen.  “Functional movements”, as a term are reaching cliche status – but are those movements that you’ll actually do – and are those movements that are actually worth doing!

High Intensity – This is where we will be diligent and cautious at the same time.  Without proper form and biomechanics, intensity has the ability to result in injury.  That’s why I exist (as a coach not a chiro – although as a Chiropractor I can help you with any current problems you have, to bullet-proof you before you start crushing a lot of weight)!  We’ll get you moving properly and then introduce some intensity.  This is where a lot of your progress is made – the problem is that without the proper movements patterns, that progress will be stunted fairly quickly.  So nail down the technique and then start pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone!


Now a little information about the classes currently offered at CrossFit Sudbury:

Fundamentals – The best way to introduce new trainees to CrossFit – Working 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 with a Coach, you’ll learn the movements, method and culture of CrossFit Sudbury.  We will introduce a number of lifts and movements to folks who have never done them before, or may be new to their proper execution.  Once certain benchmarks and a solid understanding of how CrossFit Sudbury works have been achieved the trainee will be graduated to Classes!

CrossFit Classes – Classes at CrossFit Sudbury consist of a warm-up, a strength/skill acquisition segment, the WOD and some cool down stretching/nutritional information.  If we’re smart about it (and if you actually do some stretching at home and proper nutrition) you should be able to attend classes indefinitely (should you choose to) and progress in some area of your fitness indefinitely.  With the right foundation and interest, you could also look into some of our specialty classes, like the CrossFit Sudbury Weightlifting Club!

Open Gym – The only difference between open gym and the scheduled class times is the fixed start, middle and end time.  During open gym you can come in and start when you like, and stay as long as you’d like.  Work on skills, do a little extra rowing or lifting, the point being, use the time as you see fit.  This time is available to those who have completed their Fundamentals or have been otherwise approved to attend.

Please ensure you’re signing up ahead of time! If for some reason you are unable to sign up online, come on in and we’ll sort it out for you.  There are no obligations and no contracts necessary!  Payments are currently being accepted as cash, cheque or credit card.