CrossFit Sudbury – 14022018 – Off-it

Hey Folks!

Pulled a little switch-a-roo on ya – We’re doing Thursdays partner WOD Wednesday for Valentines day 🙂 So pick your valentine and crush extreme together!  Thanks to everyone who filled in the feedback form so far (in your emails) – it helps to get your opinions to make sure we’re on the right track (or to help keep the ship on the right track!)

The volume in our WODs is going to decrease a bit over the next 1.5 weeks, and then throughout the open.  It’s so that you can be in your best shape for the Open WOD (from Friday until Monday for the official Games site).

If you haven’t signed up for intramurals – get on it – it’s going to be WAY too fun.

Coaches Notes:

Have a blast with a friend!  Keep pushing yourself to move as quickly as you can, knowing you’ll have the rest you need while your partner is going 🙂

Partner WOD – “Off-it”

AMRAP 25 minutes
Partner workout – You go I go style
5 burpee over erg
10 calories row
15 jumping squats
Goal – explosive movement

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