CrossFit Sudbury – 12022018 – Blessup

Hey Folks!

Solid weekend – right?  Pretty serious training sessions all around, and what looked to be a pretty wicked “pull up” session with Coach Sara – I get the feeling we’ll have more pull ups and higher quality pull ups coming up over the next few months 🙂

Milestones just getting crushed at the gym lately!  Linked toes to bar and pull ups for lots of folks, first chest to bar pull ups, Ridiculously heavy deadlifts (Ryan), Cartwheels (Lea), Muscle ups (Tara) – We swapped out the “goal” board for an “achievement” board (in case you didn’t notice yet) – so throw those achievements up there and see how all our hard work is paying off 🙂

Coaches Notes:

Snatch 1RM day 🙂  If you don’t PR, I wouldn’t be upset – we haven’t really be periodizing for a maxout on the snatch – but we have done a boatload of weightlifting – so who knows, you might!  The rest is programmed into the WOD so that you don’t have to rest as much during the movements.  We’re working on consistency and we are training – meaning it may slow down your time, but the goal isn’t necessarily to get the fastest time, it’s to benefit from the training.  Today should benefit you by teaching what kind of pace you can maintain without spending time with your hands on your knees.


Snatch 1RM

Conditioning – “Blessup”

4 rounds
21 calories row
21 unbroken thrusters (you choose weight)
21 bar facing burpees
rest 1 minute

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