CrossFit Sudbury – 09022018 – Shoulders like Boulders & Open Prep yay!

Hey Folks!

Great work today with Jackie!  I put the old scores up on the facebook page – some serious PRs 🙂 All that quality pull up work is paying off (Thanks Coach Sara!)

It’s the weekend!  (almost) get it in ya!

Coaches Notes:

Open prep day!  This and the beginning of next week are still a little “higher volume”, but we’ll be tapering towards the end of next week, and then be continuing to kick ass through the Open.  If you need to, scale the HSPU’s

Shoulders like Boulders:

EMOM 10 minutes
30 Double Unders + 5-10 HSPU (open standards – Practice heels up)
Goal – Practice HSPU’s to open standards as well as double under practice.  You should have rest.

Open Prep, Yay!

Ascending EMOM until death (Cap 20 minutes)
Power snatch @ 95/65
Burpee (new standard)
Box jump (24/20)

(First Minute 1’s, Second minute 2’s, Third minute 3’s. etc.)
Goal – developing a healthy sense of urgency.  Practicing “open style” movements (higher hips on the power snatches)

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