CrossFit Sudbury – 08022018 – Jackie

Hey Folks!

Whoooo Nelly that was a doozy.  Definitely one that looked a lot easier on the whiteboard than it was in real life.  For me, the front squats got so difficult, so quickly.  I saw a lot of people lift way more weight than they expected for 3 reps in the Hang Power Snatch – which was pretty awesome.  Some folks even PR’d their Snatch all together – for 3 reps!  I was pleasantly surprised myself 🙂

Things to keep in mind:

  • The CrossFit Open is beginning in 2 weeks – get signed up for the intramurals, and if you’d like, join our team in the open on the official games site (two separate registrations)
  • Sara is running some one-off gymnastics classes on Sundays!  Check out the whiteboard and plan to come in and work on those skills/weaknesses/strengths 🙂
  • Weightlifting Club is starting up another 6 week cycle Starting this Saturday from 10am-12noon (it’ll only really take an hour to train, roughly – but you can come in any time during those two hours).

Coaches Notes:

Strength work for quality and positioning (also warming up that squat position).  Followed by Jackie!  Crushing the row is a bad idea – but challenge yourself.  If you can break up the thrusters (or not) in as few sets as possible, and same plan for the pull ups, you’ll be in good shape.  This is always a deceiving workout.


Back Pause Squat for load:
3×5 @65% (3 second pause in the bottom)
Goal – secret mobility work, strengthening positions

Benchmark – “Jackie”

For time:
• 1000m row
• 50 Thruster 45/35#
• 30 Pull-ups

*No dropping empty barbells unless you want to be rabbit punched in the solar plexus
Goal – It’s a benchmark – rip its’ face off

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