CrossFit Sudbury – 05022018 – Nice Kick, Pelé

Hey Folks!

Weekend!  The superbowl is still on (halftime) – so no winner just yet.

I don’t have much to say – but we have a great week coming up – more exposure to the open movements (in case you were wondering why so many chest to bar pull ups, toes to bar, muscle ups, cleans, etc.)  and slightly higher volume.  It’s going to be a good time.

Coaches Notes:

Goal is to move fast but not “rushed” in the WOD.  We’re continuing our “road to the muscle up” or if you already have them, “the road to more, better muscle ups”.  MORE heavy wall balls.  Have fun with it.  Aim for 3+ rounds on the first part, and consistent reps each minute on the burpee box jump overs (with the new standard).


Ring Dips
6 x 5 pause ring dips
2 seconds in the bottom of the dip,
weighted if you can
Goal – building strength in the receiving position of the muscle up

Conditioning – “Nice Kick, Pelé”

AMRAP 7 minutes:
12 Wall Ball (30/20)
4 ring muscle ups (4 Chest to bar + 4 Dips)
30 Double unders
Goal – moving quickly while remaining calm.  Supinate your hands for the pull ups (palms facing towards you).  

Rest 3 minutes and then…

Amrap 3 minutes
Max reps burpee box jump overs
Goal – Steady pace

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