CrossFit Sudbury – 02022018 – Wonton Soup

Hey Folks!

Boom – wall ball city.  I liked James’ diagram for the initial hope and dreams that eventually leads to the “sea of despair”.  Very accurate for this type of WOD.  Brad F and I decided there will be a Mean Little Karen on Steroids WOD, with pistol wall balls, and HSPU’s on the minute.  It might be slightly advanced.

Pond hockey tournament starts today (Friday)!  CFSuds is playing Friday night at 7pm.  Get out there and cheer if you can (though bundling up is a good idea!)  Then again Saturday morning and evening – so there’s something for everyone – If you get the chance, head out for a visit.  Aside from it being cold, the weather should be beautiful!

Coaches Notes:

More Clean practice!  Make sure you’re FINISHING on those cleans!  Don’t worry about trying to rush under the bar, if you finish all the way up, there will be lots of time to get under.  Attack the WOD – it’s only 7 minutes, which means there shouldn’t be much time to rest.  It’ll be a challenge, but at least the legs are getting a break 😉


5 Sets:
2 Hang Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean @75%
Goal – quick turnover of the elbows translating into a quick pull UNDER the bar

Conditioning – “Wonton Soup”

Amrap 7 minutes
3 Bar Muscle ups (Sub 6 Chest to bar pull ups)
12 Slam Balls (30/40+)
24 Sit ups
Goal – Fast and/or unbroken BMU’s

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