CrossFit Sudbury – 31012018 – Sante Fe Spicy Chicken

Hey Folks!

Great work today!  Nice little preview for the Open – and always nice to push a bit more than you normally would.

If you missed the nutrition talk last night – There should be a recording on the facebook 😉 I might see if I can put together a quick video with the slideshow/etc as well – it’ll probably just missing the crowd interaction and awesome off the cuff jokes.  just sayin’.

Coaches Notes:

The goal is to finish under the time cap.  Try not to do singles on the first Clean weight.  Maybe a 3-2-2 break up with minimal rest can work – or 4-3.  Get nice and heavy on those deadlifts.


Deadlift 10-10-10
*Add weight each set.
**If you want to test the grip strength out – go overhand grip!
*Goal – light up the posterior chain and condition the hammies to multiple, heavy reps.

Conditioning – “Sante Fe Spicy Chicken”:

With a 12 minute cap
2 rounds
21 cal row
32 double unders
7 squat cleans @ 155/105
2 rounds
21 cal row
21 Dips
5 squat cleans @ 185/135
*Goal – Develop that healthy sense of urgency

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