CrossFit Sudbury – 24012018 – Blast off!

Hey Folks!

Awesome work today!  Sounds like lots of folks had a little trouble with not “double dipping” on their paused jerks – that’s good news – we know where we can improve then, right?  Driving from a dead stop like that is good for drilling where we need to develop our power, as well as putting a spotlight on positional errors too (i.e. if it felt like you were out of position, maybe you’re used to being pulled forward, and would, therefore, end up with the bar well forward in the receiving position)

Coaches Notes:

MORE Muscle ups! We’re working on building confidence with them before the open comes along and then we’re all trying to practice the week of. Almost like we’re planning ahead ;). Then some DIRTY burpee/thruster work that should feel aerobic – so if you’re feeling like you’re holding your breath, dial it back a bit (either pace-wise, or weight), and keep moving steady. We’re looking for unbroken thrusters, and >10 bar-over-burpees/minute.


EMOM-8 Minutes:
Muscle ups or Dips. Choose a number you can hit consistently. Consistency is the goal.

Score reps performed per round. make a note of what movement you did (bar vs. rings, rings w/ band, rings, dip bars, kipping vs. no kipping)
Goal – Muscle up development, whether you’re working toward it, or trying to get more.  go DEEP into the dips.

Conditioning – “Blast off!”

3 Rounds for time:
20 Burpee over the barbell (lateral jumps)
20 Thrusters (95/65/whatever you need to use to do unbroken sets without holding your breath)
Rest 2 Minutes between rounds
Goal – Mental Toughness & consistency with unbroken thrusters.  Unbroken thrusters.