CrossFit Sudbury – 23012018 – “Speed & Power”

Hey Folks!

Hope you guys had an amazing day, and are being safe driving out there.  Don’t forget to warm your cars up, and flip into 4×4 tomorrow morning, morning crew.

Believe it or not, we’ve got about a week left of January – how is 2018 going for you so far?  Have you made any positive changes this month?  Not even because it’s a new year, but because it’s a new month.  They’ll just keep flying by, and unless we’re diligent and deliberate about addressing goals, wants, needs, etc. we’ll just keep coasting on.  Coasting isn’t a terrible thing, and I’m not saying we need to be constantly gnashing our teeth and “raging against the machine” – but taking baby steps towards being and/or continuing to be our best selves, I’d say, is an admirable goal.

Coaches Notes:

No double dipping on the dip of the jerk. Once you’re at the position where you’re pausing, your face is out of the way, and you’re ready to drive up through the legs. Try to leave the ground on the drive. On the WOD – the cleans should be heavy enough that you question going touch and go or doing two quick singles. Must be power.


6 Sets:
2 Paused Push Jerks (in the bottom of the dip) + 1 Push Jerk (no pause)
Use 65% of your jerk.
Goal:  practice the bottom of the dip.

Conditioning – “Speed & Power”:

Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds:
30 double unders
2 power cleans @ 75-80%

Record load used for the Power cleans. Make a note of how the double unders went 🙂
Goal:  Double Under practice & Speed through some heavy cleans (think – sneaking them in at the end of an Open WOD, when those reps matter most)