CrossFit Sudbury – 16012018 – America’s funniest shots in the nuts

Hey Folks!

Blam – How was that for a little posterior chain action?  The deads+bike just crushed the legs – but I swear we’re all getting better at that machine.  And it is a great way to gauge improvements in work capacity (though I feel as though it might not be as accurate for our height challenged folks – They’d probably be better served doing something like an 800m and 200m run on the true form).

Tonight at 7pm!  Come check out Kerry Lamarche from Bite Health Coaching!  She has a wealth of knowledge and does some amazing work with Nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  She’ll be speaking about food prep, and putting eveything together in the kitchen without spending hours on hours cooking.  Very worthwhile to come out – and I’m willing to bet you guys will walk away with lots of actionable info 🙂

Coaches Notes:

scale as needed to get a minimum of 5 reps on each set of pull ups. Make an effort to stay moving the whole minute. You don’t have to go unbroken, but try to set a pace that you can continue to move with, and stick to it.


5 sets of max reps:
weighted strict pull up @50% of your 1RM max

Conditioning – “America’s Funniest Shots in the Nuts”

3 rounds
1 minute max wallballs (30*/20)
1 minute max power snatch (155/103)
1 minute max muscle ups or Chest to bar pull ups
1 Minute Rest