CrossFit Sudbury – 08012018 – “Do the Damn Thang”

Hey Folks!

The weekend has come and gone – and we had some EPIC cold, and if this weather keeps up (it’s 1:32pm) some serious snowfall.  The snow plus the warmer temperatures should make for some great skiing, fat biking, whatever else you like to do outside!  If you need ideas, talk to some of our other members – we’ve got lots who love to snowmobile, ski, snowshoe, fat bike, run, etc.

Coaches Notes:

We’re getting into a little bit of a squat cycle, but we’ll continue to do a fair amount of weightlifting movements to keep improving at them, as well as to prep for the open.  For the dumbbells – Do 5 right arm, 5 left arm. Try to go Touch and go, or fast singles on the snatches.


Back Squat for load:

Add weight each set.

Conditioning – “Do the Damn Thang”

**Do the barbell warmup before the WOD to prep for the snatches**

3 rounds, add weight each round, though still very light/technique oriented.

5 Muscle snatch (elbows high, keep the bar close)
5 Tall Snatch (From standing, lift your feet and pull yourself down under the bar – you’ll land in the bottom of an overhead squat)
5 Power Snatch (Focus on putting those two things together/maintaining connection to the bar).

Amrap 15 minutes
5 Snatch (75%, Power or Squat)
10 DB push press (1 arm)
15 Cal Row or Bike (choose either, alternate if you’d like)

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