CrossFit Sudbury – 04012018 – “Club Sandwich”

Hey Folks!

Another grinder and a half today – I was only able to make it through two rounds (had to stop to work with a client…. aww shucks, haha) – but it was enjoyable for sure.

Today we’ve got a little change up with a couple AMRAPs and then some more burpees.  Oh yay!

If you’re interested in doing the Whole Life Challenge – Which is a 6 week challenge to change your habits and improve your health/lifestyle through what you eat, how you move, and how you think – this is the time to do it.  Prices go up tomorrow by $10 (not the end of the world, but better in your pocket, for sure) if you’re interested in getting in on it before then – join our team!

Coaches Notes:

Scale this workout as needed to get at least 3 rounds of each of the AMRAPs.  That might be doing normal pull ups, or jumping chest to bars (like in the open).  It could also mean doing russian swings, or lighter swings.  And if 50 Burpees is completely out of control – you can scale it down to 30.  But make an effort to challenge yourself, and set a steady pace (you could consider treating the burpees as an on the minute effort, deciding how many you’ll do each minute.  Most importantly – have some fun with it! 🙂

Conditioning – “Club Sandwich”

Amrap 7 minutes
15 thrusters (95/65)
15 Chest to bar pull ups

rest 5 minutes then

Amrap 7 minutes
15 wall balls (20/14)
15 Kettlebell Swings (70/50, American)

rest 3 minutes

For Time
50 burpees

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