CrossFit Sudbury – 11122017 – 300FY

Hey Folks!

10 minute bike test!  Yesssssss.  If you like to geek out on the psychological side of training – check out, if you don’t want to search around at stuff, that’s ok.  Here’s the reason for the 10 minute bike test.

 “300 FY” is simple, and there’s no way to cheat it or modify it. Some AirDynes may be more efficient than others but not too different. How do you do the workout? Saddle up, set the countdown timer for ten minutes, come out of the gate hard, and hold on. If you finish with 300 or more you have done the workout. If you finish with 299 calories you have not done it. No scaling, no changes. It cannot be dragged down to a more easily attainable level. Do what is written: just like the original “300” workout, which was composed as a one-time test, and taken without rehearsal or practice.

Apparently Mark Twight was annoyed with folks “doing” the 300 workout (from the movie, 300),  which he/Gym Jones had designed as a 1 time, pass/fail test (based on quality/timing).  So he came up with the 300FY test, which was you either got 300 cals, or you didn’t.  If you didn’t, F You.

I don’t feel the F You is necessary (as I bet you could have guessed), but I totally understand where he’s coming from.  Either way – It’s time for us to get after it (again).  We last did this on June 14th, 2017.

Coaches Notes:

Pretty simple day.  Snatch some weight, and then giver shit on the bike.  300FY is a good mental test.  Can you set a pace and maintain it?  Not allow the “little hater” to get in there and convince you to slow down, to rest a bit, or to “just use arms” for a minute?  What are the thoughts going through your mind when you get to minute 7?  Treat this as a test, but a test that you plan to learn from.


Hang Squat Snatch: 1-1-1-1-1  *Add weight each set

Testing – 300 FY:

10 Minutes on the bike for total calories.  Make a note of which bike you use (airdyne/assault) and your experience.