CrossFit Sudbury – 22112017 – Chef Pasquale

Hey Folks!

I’m pre-writing the next few posts so I won’t pretend to know how they went – except that you guys probably crushed it (you always do).

Hope you guys are having fun with it lately!

I’d like to try and make a more formalized “challenge” each month, but until I sort out how I want to present that – I’ll just post it here:

For the next few months – I want you guys to plan your cheat meals.  Plan them intelligently (maybe for your Christmas party [or ours!]), so that you don’t have to feel bad at all when you kick your heels up in a social setting.  Then back to normal afterwards.  Don’t plan a cheat meal/day that has you waking up in Tijuana surrounded by strippers and drugs – you know… have a beer or something, maybe some ice cream or pizza with friends.  So that’s the challenge!  Plan them with as little frequency as your sanity will allow.  You’d be surprised how feeling amazing all the time convinces you that it isn’t always worth it to have a silly little cheat “snack”.

Coaches Notes:

Power cleans and jumping lunges!  Should be over fairly fast, leaving you with lots of rest.  Stay aggressive on those cleans.  On the WOD – those rounds shouldn’t take too long – but your lungs are going to be burning up – keep breathing throughout your reps, and maintain steady movement.


Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes:
1 Power Clean @90%
6 Jumping Lunges (alternate feet in mid air)

Conditioning – “Chef Pasquale”

AMRAP in 12 min:
5 Pull Ups
10 Thrusters (75/53)
20 Double Unders

Scale up – Heavier thrusters and/or chest to bar pull ups

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