CrossFit Sudbury – 14112017 – A place where the beer flows like wine

Hey Folks!

Awesome work today!  The shoulders are going to get somewhat of a break today (minus some pull ups and double unders), so that’s good news.  I triceps are BLOWN UP, in general (between the DB push presses last week, then murph, and now today).  But that’s good news.  Now they’ll be stronger going forward 🙂

It’s Tuesday – which means Meredith is dropping some knowledge on us about Essential Oils (yesss).  Come smell some awesome stuff and learn a bunch tonight at 7pm!

Coaches Notes:

Skill work – pistols and pull ups to help develop those strengths and positions.  Don’t rush them.  Aim on quality and deliberate movement.  If you need to rush through a movement, it’s because you don’t own it.  The WOD is a bit longer, so make sure you set a solid pace and maintain.  Grip will be taxed, so make sure your hands/shoulder girdle is relaxed on the double unders/skipping, and that you’re using the hook grip on your power cleans.

Skill work:

5 Rounds For Quality:
6 Pistols
6 C2B Pull Ups

Conditioning – “A place where the beer flows like wine”:

AMRAP in 15 min:

5 Power Cleans (165/123)
10 Toes to bar
20 Double Unders