CrossFit Sudbury – 06112017 – One Hundred Sixty-Six Percent

Hey Folks!

Great weekend – I am SORE (in a good way).  So glad that so many of you were able to make it out, and that everyone put in such an awesome effort – There were some PRs, some subjective PRs and definitely a high five/smile PR 🙂

We’re stoked to continue to bring in some fun events and functions – let us know if you have some awesome ideas you’d like to see in the future!

Kristin is holding her Coaches Café on Tuesday at 8am and 7pm – Come out to learn, “Is stretching the answer?”

Coaches Notes:

Some stamina/strength work with more back squats – and then some beauty conditioning work for you.  It’ll come down to the push ups – but few enough reps that you should feel inspired to push the pace on them a bit.


Not for time:
3 reps @60%
3 reps @70%
Max reps -1 @80% (don’t fail, but push yourself)

Conditioning – “One Hundred Sixty-Six Percent”

50-30 For time:
Air Squats
Kettlebell Swings (Russian, 50/35)
Push ups