CrossFit Sudbury – 30102017 – Off-Suited 2 & 7

Hey Folks!

The colder weather is upon us, but it means we get to rock some hoodies, enjoy some warm beverages, and try putting pumpkin spice on everything.  Hope you all had an epic weekend – we had a hell of a class on Saturday at 9am, and in case you’re loving that 9am Vibe, we’ve now got 9am classes on Tuesday and Thursday too!  MORE fitness – SO fun.

This coming weekend (November 4th) we have our Hopper Games coming up – it’s going to be super fun and we’re pretty stoked about it.  Make sure you’re signed up if you haven’t yet – I’m working on finalizing heats and that kinda stuff – so it’ll be helpful to have some final numbers soon.

Coaches Notes:

Rep efforts on the Squat.  We’re going to hit these for the next few weeks, to help get some squat volume in, and add more strength to the squat portion of the clean & jerk (and everything else).  Make sure you’re getting enough rest between sets, but play around with some stuff you’re bad at or working on.  Another WOD with planned rest – that means you guys should be moving FAST during each round.  Just sayin’.

Strength work:

Back Squats
5 @55%
5 @65%
Max reps @75% (minus 1 rep – If you know you won’t make it back up – don’t bother doing that last 1/2 rep)

* Rest as needed between sets. Work on a weakness during your rest (pull ups, double unders, handstand walks, etc.)

Conditioning – “Off-Suited 2 & 7”

7 Rounds for time:
10 Wall Ball
10 Burpees
10 V-ups
30 Seconds rest

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