CrossFit Sudbury – 26102017 – 2k Row!

Hey Folks!

Almost missed posting this.  There are a LOT of things going on these days 🙂 It’s exciting, but it’s definitely keeping us busy!

not much to say other than You guys are rock stars and to keep up the awesome work!

Coaches Notes:

Pause front squats to test your position resiliency – followed by some jerks on tired legs.  Ths is where technique matters.  If your legs feel cooked, dial it back a bit from 70%.  Find a fairly quick/solid pace on your 2k row and hold it for 6-9 minutes.  You can play around with your pace here and there, but I wouldn’t futz around too much with it.

Strength work:

Every 2 Minutes:
3 Pause Front Squats @~70% of your Front Squat
2 Push Jerks

*No rushing, you’ve got lots of time – High quality movement and an active pause in the bottom.

Benchmark – 2k Row:

2000m Row, for time.