CrossFit Sudbury – 20102017 – What is Daniel-san was the Villain?

Hey Folks!

Friday – BAM – comes out of nowhere and it demands some skill (todays WOD).  We’re experiencing some beautiful fall days right now – So grab your laptop and desk and set it up outside, or in front of a window at least and soak the unbelievable colours, smells, and feelings involved in the season in.

I’ve personally always been more a fan of spring then fall.  I feel like fall is the “Sunday” of the seasons, while Spring is kind of like the “Thursday” of the seasons.  This would all make Winter the “Monday” of the seasons – THOUGH, if you’ve been checking out our community board (near the bathroom/biosteel display), Mel A (your friend, but also representing Adventure 365) is going to talk to us about picking up some awesome activities throughout the winter, and how to best embrace one of Sudbury’s longest seasons.

We’ve also got Todd’s talk on building a healthy Mindset this coming Wednesday, and SO many other awesome events/partnerships.  Check out the board, get pumped up, and let’s have some fun (in the gym, outside the gym, inside our own minds even!)

Coaches Notes:

Continuing to build more leg drive through the middle of the squat/push press.  Yes, thrusters aren’t super fun, but being good at them will help with being good at other things!  They’re also there to tire your arms out a bit before the jerks – to encourage you guys to drop UNDER the bar on the jerk, as well as finish the drive through the legs.  The pacing piece should be a pretty solid pace – but very doable.  If you need to scale down/up, that’s a good idea.  You should be straining, but keeping up the entire time.  The goal is finding the level of challenge that you can sustain the entire 8 rounds, but that really pushes the boundary of what you’re able to keep up with.


5 Sets:
3 Thrusters @75% of your thruster max (~65% of your Clean & Jerk)
+ 2 Jerks (any style)
*rest as needed between sets. About a minute to a minute and a half.

Pacing/Conditioning – “What if Daniel-san was the Villain?”

8 Rounds, Rotating Every 30 seconds:
Station 1: 5 Handstand Push ups (sub a 15 second handstand hold)
Station 2: 10 Pistols (sub to a box/bench, or banded, or reverse lunges)
Station 3: 15 Slam Balls (30/20)

*If you can’t keep up, treat it as an AMRAP 🙂
**Scale up: deficit HSPU’s, hold a KB for your pistols, go heavier on the slam balls. Choose any/all