CrossFit Sudbury – 12102017 – The Last Blockbuster

Hey Folks!

Thanks to everyone that came to our Coaches Café today!  Sorry it didn’t make it to Facebook live – Maybe I’ll do a separate segment to post up – We’ll keep you posted on that!  But the coffee/tea was good and the snacks were ridiculous!

Maxing out that Back Squat today!  If you feel like a bag of smashed crabs then take the day of and max out when you’re feeling a bit better – but otherwise, lace up those sneaks and squat the hell out of those barbells!

Coaches Notes:

Back Squat max!  Work up to almost your max, and then more than your max and smash its face in (in a polite, but aggressive way).  Then have fun with the WOD – interval style.  It’s like I’m planning your rest FOR you 😉  No there isn’t meant to be rest after the run, just take a moment to prepare yourself mentally for your snatches.

Max out:

Back Squat – Spend 20 MInutes working up to a 1RM Back Squat.  Get a spotter if you need one!

Conditioning – “The Last Blockbuster”:

7 Minute AMRAP:
3 Power Snatch @65%
20 seconds rest
9 Ring Dips or Bar dips
20 seconds rest
100m Run