CrossFit Sudbury – 11102017 – “Vegas Strong”

Hey Folks!

Man, that 30 seconds rest was PERFECT.  Though it did seem to get a little shorter each time 😛

Coaches Café is today – Come learn a little about supplements!  We’ll be highlighting a little info about the common ones we see/use.  8am or 7pm.

Todays WOD comes from Tom Faught in Timmins (or at least he’s the one who challenged us to do it).  So send any vitriol his way, if you have a tough time with it 😉

Coaches Notes:

Clean work.  30 seconds (or probably more like 26 seconds) is enough time to reset mentally, make some tweaks, and get after that next rep.  Stay tight, and make sure you’re hitting full extension on the pull/finish of the clean each rep.  Don’t short it so that you can get under it faster – do both faster, haha.  Don’t kill yourself on the WOD – We have Fran coming on Friday.  My suggestion is to pace it out with planned rest.  If you don’t plan on doing Fran on friday – go as hard on this as you’d like.  Avoid tearing your hands though – that’s never fun.


Every 30 seconds for 5 Minutes:
1 Clean @70%

Conditioning – “Vegas Strong”:

For time:
500m Row
58 Wall Balls (20/14)
58 Pull ups
58 Push Press (75/55)
58 Back Squats (75/55)
500m Row

*Courtesy of Tom Faught at CF Timmins