CrossFit Sudbury – 10102017 – Upside down and all around

Hey Folks!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the festivities/food/fun that came with it.

We’re maxing out our Back Squats this week!  Thursday is the day – eat up the night before 🙂

We’ve got some fun events and things coming up soon!

  • Coaches café starts this Wednesday in the morning and evening – see you there to go over some info about what supplements we suggest, for who, and why/when
  • Our 6th Birthday is approaching – we’ll be commemorating it with an extra fun workout on Saturday – come on out and have some fun! 🙂
  • The Hopper Games – We’re going to put on an in-house, all levels, truly “unknown & unknowable” competition on November 4th.  You’ll have a partner, but you won’t know who (neither will we) until the day of 🙂
  • Lots more coming at you – stay tuned, friends!

Coaches Notes:

Todays squats are “de-load” squats – so take them easy, and keep your focus on SPEED coming up out of the hole.  Deadlifts are HEAVY.  We’ll be maxing the deads out next week, so let’s stay on the gain train there.  SPEED through the rounds and work on slowing your breath during your rest periods.  30 seconds isn’t really enough time to catch your breath, but using the time to re-focus, get calm, and slow your breath will help with maintaining speed much longer.


**These are de-load squats**

Warm up to and then complete:
3 sets of 5 Back Squats @65%
then, do a couple warm up sets and complete:
3 sets of 3 Deadlifts @90%

Conditioning – “Upside down and all around”:

10 Rounds for time:
3 Handstand Push ups
7 Box Jumps (24/20)
11 Kettlebell Swings (70/50)
30 seconds rest