CrossFit Sudbury – 02102017 – Franks Chile & Lime

Hey Folks!

Good times training this weekend – Loving the happy, fun vibes in the gym lately.  Nothing like PRing your lifts and workouts AND having fun too.

Team Series is coming to a close – get those workouts in – Something about working out with a friend and tying your times/scores together makes a big difference when it comes to performance eh?

p.s. in case you think Todd’s jumping jacks are goofy – Matt Chan does them too 😛

Coaches Notes:

Some tempo/strict work to build up some more strength/stability.  You might notice your front squats feeling a little stronger/more solid with all the squatting we’ve been doing.  Little side benefit for ya 🙂 The WOD is similar to the burpee, DU, power clean workout from last week (though more squat centric, instead of hinge-centric) – so you know the drill – attack it!  Make sure you’re stepping up and through the lunges, not up and back and then stepping forward once you’re up.


Alternating EMOM:
ODD – 3 Front Squats @75%*
EVEN – 5 strict pull ups*

*Advanced: Pause 3 seconds in the bottom of each squat and/or add weight to your pull ups

Conditioning – “Franks Chile & Lime”

10 MInute AMRAP:
10 Overhead Walking lunges (45/25)
10 Burpees
30 Double unders