CrossFit Sudbury – 30082017 – John Stamos

Hey Folks!

The week is rolling – hump day already!  We’ve got Labour day coming up – so hopefully you’ve got some traveling planned, or maybe a trip to Ribfest downtown.

If you haven’t seen it – check out the pre-order for the Baseball Tshirts

We’re also signed up for the whole life challenge – starting on September 16th!  A bunch of folks in the gym have done it time to time and I think unanimously have found it helped – even though your instinct is to say, “oh I can do that on my own” – it just works.

Lots to check out!  Take a look around, let us know if you have any questions/desires 🙂

Coaches Notes:

This should be a blast.  I’m personally very excited about this one – I would put your partner that’s better at pull ups/toes to bar, on the rower before that part, as you don’t want to completely take away the other partners pulling power on the rower before the pull up bar comes up.  I’d also plan to pull up early on the rower/bike so that you can set up/be ready for the barbell/pull up/toes to bars.

Training – “John Stamos” AKA, “Did we just become best friends???”

4 Rounds for total reps + Cals:
Minute 1 – Cals on the rower/bike*
Minute 2 – Max Ground to Overhead (135/95)
MInute 3 – Cals on the rower/bike (the one you didn’t do in minute 1)
Minute 4 – Max pulls ups or toes to bar (mix and match as you like)
Minute 5 – Rest

* With a partner – one starts on the rower, one on the bike (you’ll switch places in minute 3). You’re both going at the same time during Minute 1 and 3. 1 person working at a time during minutes 2 and 4. Both partners rest during MInute 5.