CrossFit Sudbury – 29082017 – I see you’ve played knifey spoony before

Hey Folks!

So that sounded like a bit of a pukey one – which is always fun, right?  “Fun”, maybe?  Either way, great work to those who pushed a limit a bit.

We’ve got some varied time domains coming up this week – which I hope you will enjoy (I’m stoked for them, so that’s at least 1 person, haha).

Things to check out!

Whole Life Challenge – Begins September 16th – It’s an 8-week long challenge based on the idea that we can dial in your diet and lifestyle in profound ways, and build habits that you’ll take with you long after you’ve completed the challenge.  This isn’t meant to be a “cleanse” or anything weird like that.  Do you feel like you could add any healthy habits to your life?
We’ve got a team for Sudbury School of Fitness – Sign up here if you’re interested 🙂

Baseball T-shirt pre-order is LIVE.  It will run for 2 weeks, and then we’ll put the order in and hopefully have the shirts within another 2 weeks.  If you want a shirt get that order in (and save 10%), or if you don’t care about saving 10% but still want a shirt, let us know your size!  We’re picking up the black and grey (dark grey and light grey?  I don’t know I’m colour blind) one (that the logo and stuff is mocked up onto)

Coaches Notes:

Back Squats & Deadlifts!  Slightly less volume (10 reps versus 15) means more weight on the squats, and more deadlifts means less weight and more reps.  The next time you see this rep scheme, you’ll go up in weight on it.  So keep in mind what weight you’re using each time we squat.  Or you know, just keep adding weight 😉  Today’s conditioning piece is more or less a burpee workout.  Unless you’re great at burpees, in which case it might be a power snatch workout for you.  Stay classy on the movement to and from the floor with dumbbell, as if you don’t, your low back is going to be LIT UP.  Walking lunges are unweighted.  Keep moving, keep breathing.


Warm up to and then complete:
5 sets of 2 Back Squats @75%
then drop down the weight and complete:
2 sets of 7 Deadlifts @65%

Conditioning – “I see you’ve played knifey spoony before”:

10 Minute AMRAP:
10 DB Power Snatch (50/35) (5 each arm, any order)
10 Burpees
10 Walking lunges