CrossFIt Sudbury – 28082017 – Jack Key

Hey Folks!

Hope you guys had an epic weekend!  The Mayweather-McGregor fight went as expected.  You can’t be too upset when a boxer (let alone a VERY good one), beats someone else at boxing.  But it was still entertaining!

WODs in the gym were super fun this weekend – If you missed out, don’t worry, there will be more awesome, fun WODs coming your way all week/month/year/decade.

Coaches Notes:

Strength work is going to drain the legs and arms a bit before doing some heavy thrusters.  This’ll pay off down the road.  If you find you’re tilting forward (hips coming up before the chest) on your thrusters, lighten the load a bit.  We want to practice quality reps – otherwise, you’re just strengthening poor positions.  on the WOD, it should be a fairly quick one – attack it with some gusto.  Pace the row a bit so that you can immediately grab the wall ball and start.  Aim to go unbroken on everything 🙂


Every 1.5 minutes:
3 Front Squats
3 Push Press
3 Thrusters

Use 50-60% of your front squat 1RM

Conditioning – “Jack Key”:

3 rounds for time of:
300m Row
20 Wall Balls (20/14)
10 Pull-ups