CrossFit Sudbury – 17082017 – Row & Sit up

Hey Folks!

Hope you all enjoyed the Open WOD – it looked fun as usual.  I’ll be hitting it up tomorrow if I don’t get a chance today – Hopefully I can beat 2014 me, though that guy was pretty fit.

Keep up all the great work!  Mandie is preparing for some CFKids classes, so let her know if you’re interested (for your kids) or know someone who might be.  All the kids we’ve seen take part have had a blast with it, and it’s a great way to get them involved in some physical activity that is also fun.

Coaches Notes:

Some moderate to heavy back squats!  Nothing crazy about them.  Percentages are guidelines though they might err slightly on the “light” side.  That’s ok.  Make sure you’re hitting full depth and maintaining perfect positioning.  We did the WOD as a “cool down” a while back.  Lots of folks seemed to like it – and it’s just what we need for today’s training.  No tricks, other than rowing efficiently.


Back Squat:
5 reps @65%
3 reps @70%
2 reps @75%
Rest as needed between sets.

Conditioning – “Row & Sit up”

6 Rounds:
15 Calorie row
15 Abmat sit ups
*This was a cash out a while ago