CrossFit Sudbury – 14082017 – Aggregate Fight Gone Bad

Hey Folks!

Hope the weekend went well for you – There was beerfest AND nice weather, what more could you want (a hug, maybe?)

We’ve got an awesome week of training coming up – with some things you’ve seen before, and some new challenges.  We’re doing one of the WODs from the Open a few years ago on Wednesday, but not really attacking any benchmarks this week.  Next one is “Annie” on the 22nd.  So maybe keep that skipping rope nearby during some of the strength stuff, or for some cool down work this week.

I’m working on adding in some “bonus” programming for those who are trying to take their CrossFit a bit more seriously.  You’ll see it on Train Heroic as the “CrossFit Competitors Stream”.  I’m trying to be as transparent as possible about that as it is for people who want to compete in CrossFit.  If you’re planning on competing in a marathon… doing the CrossFit competition stuff isn’t going to help you as much as spending that time practicing running.  That would also be true of every other sport.  BUT, if you’re interested in competing in CrossFit, and are finding you’re able to handle our current level of volume (which is already pretty solid), then take a look and complete some or all of the extra stuff.  There may not be stuff every day, in case you see an empty day 😉  Everyone will be able to see it, and everyone is welcome to work on things – I just want folks to know that if their goals are to be healthy, and they’re seeing progress with what we’re currently doing – then doing more is probably not the answer (sleep, food, mobility work might be better uses of that time).  Let me know if you have any questions about it – I love to geek out on this stuff 🙂

Coaches Notes:

Go HARD on the bike (don’t throw up), as you’re got a 3:1 rest to work ratio.  It should be almost enough time to recover 🙂  Do a dry run of the FGB movements (5 of each movement for a couple rounds) before the WOD to loosen up and dial in some movement efficiency.  This is one where planning your rest and which movements you’re going to get more reps at is important.  Goal will be to get the same score you would get on FGB, though you likely won’t (due to longer work periods at the same movement, of course).

Alactic-Aerobic practice:

4 rounds for total calories (not including the ones that tick up after the time has finished):
30 seconds of biking
90 seconds of rest

if we’re short on bikes:
Partner A bikes 30 seconds, then during a 30 seconds rest interval, Partner B gets on the bike, and gets ready for the next 30 seconds which he/she crushes, then during the next 30 seconds rest Partner A gets back on the bike (meaning 90 total seconds has elapsed since they last went). Writing it out is more complicated than doing it in real life.
*You will likely hit a wall somewhere around the 15-30 seconds mark – don’t be discouraged – keep breathing and pushing.

Conditioning – “Aggregate Fight Gone Bad”

1 Round for total reps, 3 minutes at each station:
Wall Balls (20/14)
Hang Power Cleans (75/53)
Box Jumps (20/14)
Push Press (75/53)
Rowing (cals)