CrossFit Sudbury – 09082017 – Olympic Total

Hey Folks!

What a good “Monday” session.  Some squats, some running, some quality time with the kettlebell.  All sorts of fun stuff.  It just crushed me.  Reminded me I need to work on my hip mobility if I want to feel comfortable squatting.  That’s one of those things you can’t not do (mobility).  So keep that in mind – even when you’re feeling good – perform some general maintenance on yourself every day.  It doesn’t have to be static stretching – it can be flowing movement (look up Cossack squats) too – but it needs to be deliberate and have a serious focus on quality over all else.

I lied the other day.  We have another beauty benchmark this week – Jackie is going down on Thursday.  yayyy!

Coaches Notes:

Oly lifts!  These should be the full versions of the lifts – though if your mobility makes it unsafe to perform the full version, do the power version.  Or if that is also limited, work on some Overhead squats, front squats and push presses.  Or go for a bike and work on some handstand stuff 🙂  As always, tighten up your whole body, start in a position that makes your back and legs feel strong, and FINISH like you’re trying to jump to the moon ALL the way UP AND BACK (you need to be behind the bar a bit so that it can some straight up).  Remember that the receiving position is still ACTIVE, so you’re pushing aggressively into the bar or pushing those elbows up hard.  Stay tall on the jerk dip and trust your legs as you drive out of it with what feels like some impossible amount of weight.  If you drive hard enough with your legs, it will go.  Most importantly, have fun.  Take your lifts seriously, but not yourself 🙂

Olympic Total:

Get warmed up and then spend the hour:
1. Finding a 1RM Snatch (ideally the full lift, though if it isn’t appropriate for you – opt for the power version). MAXIMUM 3 FAILED LIFTS.
2. Finding a 1RM Clean & Jerk (ideally a full clean, but use whatever is most appropriate for you).

*if you’re uncomfortable performing the lifts altogether – go for a nice long bike on the airdyne (10-20 minutes) and work on some handstand push ups.