CrossFit Sudbury – 08082017 – General Blitz

Hey Folks!

Long weekend overrrrr. 🙁  But that means we’re training again 🙂  I like that.  Kristin and I were in the gym today putting up some of the plywood on the walls.  It looks nice, though it would have been a lot easier (and prettier) if the walls and/or floor were level in some way.  OH well!  It looks better than it did before.  IMPORTANT NOTE – The plywood is not impenetrable.  It WILL break if you let your barbell smash into it.  It is NOT a free pass to let your barbell smash into it.  PLEASE don’t let your barbell smash into it.  It’s a big “waste” of hundreds of dollars if I just have to replace it later on.  So as usual, be mindful, and treat the place like you want it to last for a while 😉

Oly total coming up tomorrow – other than that, some beauty WODs from the past, and some new syntheses.  See ya in there!

Coaches Notes:

Some quality time with the KB for some skill work and warm up and or strength/stability work.  Depending on where you’re at – it’ll give you what you need.  No need to go heavy on the TGU’s if it means you’re making all sorts of weird compensations.  Move well – it’s the point.  Then onto General Blitz – which we did last on October 18th 2016 I believe.  Check it out give er hell!

Strength/Skill work:

5 Rounds for Quality (Choose an appropriate weight):
2 Turkish Get ups per side
5 Goblet Squats
10 American KB Swings

Conditioning – “General Blitz”:

2 Rounds For time:
20 Back Squats @60%
Run 800m* / 750m Row / 40/32 Cal Airdyne
*Supposed to be a run, but if weather/your situation doesn’t permit it, there are options.