CrossFit Sudbury – 04082017 – Quit playing with your Dinghy!

Hey Folks!

Friday!  Games are underway, and it sure makes you want to work out eh?  Use that enthusiasm, and have a blast crushing extreme in the gym.  Also use the enthusiasm to dial in your technique and nail the correct positions, because really, nothing feels better than doing something WELL with intensity.

We’re closed on Monday, but otherwise open our normal hours (Sat – 9-12, Sun 10-1).

Coaches Notes:

Heavy Clean & Jerks!  Dial in the technique.  A full minute is pretty good for rest time, but it will definitely be challenging.  If you fail, strip some weight off the bar to continue for the rest of the 10 minutes.  Full clean (if it doesn’t say power, it implies a full clean – though keep in mind your individual goals and progressions).  On the rower – make it worth it, and ease off a bit before you get off to do your snatches so that you aren’t wasting time with your hands on your knees.  Sub in a dumbbell if you’re not comfortable with kb snatches – though don’t just always avoid KB snatches – try some out and practice in warm up at least.


Every Minute for up to 10 Minutes (stop if you fail):
Clean & Jerk @85%

Conditioning – “Quit playing with your dinghy!”:

Row 2k*
*Stop every 2 Minutes to complete 16 Dumbbell/Kettlebell Snatches**
**If you typically bruise your forearm, or struggle making Kettlebell Snatches fluid, opt for the Dumbbells for your forearms sake 😉