CrossFit Sudbury – 26072017 – BattleToads

Hey Folks!

Allllright.  Snatch work today (yesssss).  Thanks to everyone that popped some feedback into that little feedback box thingy the other day.  It really does help to know where everyone is at, what you’re enjoying, and what we can improve with the place (I wish the AC would cool the gym, but you can imagine having the doors open defeats the purpose, and closing them is undesirable when those beautifully sunny days do pop up.  I will be looking into some fans though to hopefully help with moving more air around at least.

If you didn’t get a chance and want to pop in some feedback, I’ll post up the box again.  If you’d rather, you can always email me directly too.

Coaches Notes:

Snatch Practice.  This is slightly light – but its about practice.  Work to keep the bar close to the body, pull yourself under, and stay active when you catch the bar.  Nice little chipper for the WOD – keep moving, lift those feet up on those box jumps (no shinning yourself on the box!).  2 Rounds should be a challenge.


Every 1.5 minutes for 7 rounds:
1 3-Position Snatch @65%

Conditioning – “BattleToads”

10 Minute AMRAP:
50 Sit ups
40 Box Jump-overs (24/20)
30 KB Swings (American, 50/35)
20 Wall Ball
10 Burpees