CrossFit Sudbury – 12072017 – “Prime Days”

Hey Folks!

Fight gone SO good 🙂 Hope you all enjoyed it – looked like a sweaty one, especially with how muggy it got.  Today we’ve got some challenging work, but hopefully nothing that will make you too sore for Thursdays 500m Row test.

Have at it!

Coaches Notes:

Squat Clean Thruster Max! 🙂 This is actually a good movement to do for developing the aggressive hips you need to Jerk a 1RM – spend some time warming up the lift so you can maintain a solid rack position but still have the bar in your hands through the squat.  On the WOD – just maintain a steady pace.  This should be a borderline “unbroken” WOD.  The Planks will be difficult – but you can do it!  Don’t forget you planked for up to 4 minutes just a couple weeks ago!


Work up to a 1RM Cluster (Squat Clean Thruster), unless you’re feeling wrecked, in which case, find a 1RM Push Press

Conditioning – “Prime Days”

4 Rounds for time:
30 Kettlebell Swings (Russian, 50/35)
15 Goblet Squats (same)
1 Minute Plank