CrossFit Sudbury – 05072017 – Partner Row

Hey Folks!

Hump DAAAAAAYYYYY! 🙂  It’s Wednesday already – believe that.  Beach WOD is coming up this weekend, which should be lots of fun for whoever is planning on heading to Collingwood for the weekend.  We’ll be there, so let us know if you’re going so we can all hang out!

Helen is coming up on Friday!  Then we’ve got Fight gone bad next tuesday, and a 500m row on Thursday.  Keep up the great work, and make sure you’re recovering well (I heard jumping in a lake/river is good for that… also… Sauna’s)

Coaches Notes:

Big Clean & Jerk Complex to start the day (or finish it if you’re 5:30am-ers).  The weight you can use will come down to your ability to push press it.  Try your best not to push jerk (on the push press part – on the jerk part by my guest).. but if you happen to push jerk a tiny bit, it isn’t the end of the world.  Rowing – with a friend, you’ve got 10 minutes.  Break it up however you’d like.  Share a rower.  Slap some high fives.


5 Sets @65-70% of your Power Clean 1RM:
Power Clean + Hang Clean + Front Squat + Push Press + Jerk
*Your push press will limit the amount you can use… so make it a heavy one!

Metcon – “Partner Rowing”:

With a partner accumulate as many metres as possible in 10 Minutes.