CrossFit Sudbury – 04072017 – Raphael

Hey Friends!

The long weekend has come to a close – but with all this nice weather coming up, combined with sexy WODs – I think we can ride that weekend vibe right into the first week of July.

I haven’t watched “What the Health” on netflix, but I believe some folks in the gym have.  There are a decent amount of nutritional documentaries on netflix, and most of them are just “rah rah vegan life will cure you of everything on the planet!”  Robb Wolf wrote up a review of the film here

Coaches Notes:

More quality time upside down 🙂  Work on whichever handstand work will help you most.  If you’ve mastered holds, work on freestanding holds.  If you’re a whiz with HSPU’s, try them strict with a deficit.  You get it.  The WOD will require a certain amount of urgency, followed by some strategy/planning.  Failing on the toes to bar won’t help if you can plan consistent, smaller sets with short rests.

Strength work:

5 Rounds:
30 seconds of handstand work (walking, holding, push ups. Feel free to combine them)
4 Split Squats (back foot resting on box/bench) per leg with weight (if it’s appropriate for you)

Conditioning – “Raphael”:

Every 3 Minutes for 5 Rounds:
200m Run
15 Wall Balls (20/14/10)
AMRAP Toes to bar in remaining time.